Tom's son Michael works as a graphic artist. They live in Hagerstown Maryland. Andrea is a Registered Nurse. Our Grandchildren are Carter, who is a senior at Frostburg State University, Haley, an aspiring X-ray Technician, Cara Lynn and Angela are in elementary school. The treasure of our hearts, as with all our grandchildren, we are never able to spend enough time with them!

​Mike and Andrea's Family 

Jessica and Justin's Family 


Laura and Henry's Family 

Jessica, Tom's daughter lives with her husband Justin in Spartanburg, SC. Jessica is a Para Legal and Justin is a Vice President for an auto parts corporation. Our grandchildren are Stratton who is heading off to college and Elspeth who is in high school. We love seeing them whenever possible. They are almost as ornery as their grandfather!

Laura lives in San Diego, CA.  Laura is an author, and an Office Manager. They took a year to tour Europe as a family. It was a great adventure! Our grandchildren Olivia, Alex and Eden will remember the rest of their lives. Olivia is at Cal Tech getting her PHD. Alex is in College, and Eden is in high school, working as a lifeguard!  Debbie and I are often California dreamin' about them!